Esben Brandt

Jazz Guitarist and Composer


From the Concert at Copenhagen Jazz Festival

May 26th 2014

Check out the first draft of the album artwork and a sneak preview on the tune “The Story“.

April 25th 2014

Finished recording the new album and thrilled with the result we can’t wait to share this music with you and hopefully see a lot of you for many concerts during 2014. New Concert dates on the Concert page!

April 1st 2014 I’m very excited to announce that on Thursday the new Esben Brandt Quartet will be going into the Studio to record my new album “Constants”. RJ Miller on Drums, Tomasz Dabrowski on Trumpet, Anders Christensen on Bass and Esben Brandt on Guitar. Stay tuned for updates and sneak previews!

A little video treat from our concert this summer at Copenhagen Jazz Festival

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Silence and Sound is on the “best of October 2013” on Mos Eisley Music!


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Silence and Sound is now available on iTunes, Spotify, Gateway Music and soon right here. enjoy

0306 2013




2803 2013

On the 23rd of March Esben Brandt Kvartet & Fredrik Ljungkvist recorded a new album at Studio Pannhuset in Stockholm in Sweden. We had a wonderful weekend full of hard work and a lot of fun and not least good music. The album is coming out in the beginning of June in iTunes, amazon, spotify and selected Cd markets and of cause right here and on facebook. We can’t wait.


2202 2013

I Juni måned udkommer Esben Brandts Debut album “Silence and Sound”.  Albummet byder på 8 helt nye kompositioner der tager udgangspunkt i den energisk melankolske klang-æstetik der kendetegner den nordiske Jazz. Pladen er indspillet i Panhuset i Stockholm af en kvartet bestående af internationalt anerkendte Jazzmusikere fra Sverige, Danmark og Estland. Mødet mellem musikere og nationale musiktraditioner udvikler en helt særlig energi og skber en skrøbelig sound der i den grad klæder Esbens smukke, iørefaldende og overraskende melodier.

1902 2013

On the 23rd of March this year we will start the recording of a new album in Panhuset studios in Stockholm Sweden. The album will feature Fredrik Ljungkvist on Sax and Clarinet, Peedu Kass on Double Bas, Christian Windfeld on Drums and Esben Brandt on Guitar. This album will be available here on iTunes, Spotify and more on the 1st of June 2013. Stay tuned for release concerts and partys!


New Music now available from our Stockholm Session hope you like it

Lars Ekman double bass (Sweden)

Christof Mahnig Trumpet (Switcherland)

Rasmus Blixt Drums (Sweden)

Esben Brandt Guitar and Composition (Denmark)

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We are going to the Studio on the 11th of April. I’m recording with a new project group its all new music and if everything goes to plan I will post it here shortly after the mastering has finished. Im very excited about this project. its always a great pleasure to play new material and get to record it with great musician. The musicians are: